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Our program is planned around activities that are "hands-on" rather than "paper-work" curriculum. This gives the children the opportunity to experiment and learn that new experiences can be fun, and by this know that learning is fun.

Our goal of our program is to develop a very positive feeling of self worth. This is accomplished by the success the children have in their activities and by the love and gentleness of the staff.

Kindergarten readiness skills are introduced in our daily schedule which is centered around structured as well as free time activities. These activities include arts and crafts, music, games, stories, outdoor play, snack time, and free play.

Children learn while having fun. They learn to become independent while associating with others; to express themselves creatively through art and music as well as verbally before their own group; awareness of right and wrong through interaction as well as through process of thought; and awareness of love and how to express that love to others.