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We send out a monthly newsletter which contains weekly themes and upcoming special activities. In addition our teachers often communicate via e-mail. If you ever have a concern with any aspect of your child's development, our director is more than willing to make time to meet immediately to discuss the situation at hand.
There is a bathroom attached to each classroom, so children can go whenever they need to. Hand washing is emphasized to help avoid illness and the spread of germs.
We are a private preschool located within a church. Our students represent a variety of religious and ethnic backgrounds.
While parents are always welcome in the classroom, we do offer curbside drop off and pick up.
Throughout the year there are several opportunities of various degrees for parents to participate in the classroom, including but not limited to special days, arts and crafts, parties, and programs.

We visited five preschools and could not have been more pleased to have settled upon Pioneer Preschool. Our daughter is starting kindergarten in the fall, and we feel that the experience she had at Pioneer Preschool has prepared her both socially and academically for the challenges that lay ahead.  

Parent, Client and Friend - Katrina